B2B Demand Generation

Engage leads from awareness stage to purchase

Boost your lead volume and quality

B2B Demand Generation Service

Demand generation for B2B is hard as messaging is complex, decision makers are hard to get hold of and buying cycles are long. Marketing and Sales teams need to keep customers engaged and provide them with information to aid their decision making.

An integrated marketing campaign that attracts prospects through website messaging, keeps them interested with informative marketing collateral and helps them convert to paying customers with relevant call to actions. However, the devil is in the implementation of the campaigns which require continous optimisation. Predictable Marketing offers demand generation b2b as a service where we plan and implement b2b demand generation campaigns to feed your sales pipeline. .

What results can you expect from a b2b demand generation campaign?

We plan your campaigns with your end objective in mind

Predictable Marketing prides itself in being results driven and we plan your campaigns with your end objective in mind.

We provide guarantee's for the individual performance of each marketing channel such as minimum 15% month on month growth in search traffic, 20% connection rates for prospecting via LinkedIn and minimum 5% click through rates on nurture emails. But, the important thing is the increase that you see in sales which is a compounded result of all marketing channels working together.

Build a qualified leads pipeline with b2b marketing campaigns

15% increase in month on month web traffic and conversions

Search optimisation, content marketing and Paid Media

We define your audience and messaging that resonates in discussion with your sales and create content that attracts them to you. Getting your prospects attention and building confidence that you understand their problems is the first step towards building the sales pipeline.

20% prospecting conversion rates

Personalised sales navigator and email messaging

Whether it's 1-to-1 personalised messaging, conversational emails or LinkedIn messaging, our experienced prospecting team takes the pain away of initiating the first conversation from your sales team so they can work on building relationships with warmed up leads and increase sales.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

How many prospects convert to leads?

We use various techniques such as landing page optimisation, heat mapping and A/B testing to ensure interested prospects get in touch with your sales team and initiate a sales discussion.

Convert 1 in every 4 leads to Sales

Complete lead management

We ensure leads don’t slip through cracks and ensure/automate follow-ups from your sales team, converting one in every four leads into sales. We can also train your sales team on how to handle and convert marketing-generated leads.