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    All You Need To Know About Lead Generation and the Best Ways of Executing it

    April 17, 2019

April 17, 2019

All You Need To Know About Lead Generation and the Best Ways of Executing it

Gone are the days when an over-enthusiastic salesperson would knock at your door during hours with their business proposal. With the advancement of internet, social media and inexpensive telephone charges, marketing has changed into promotional messages on phone or mails in inbox or just those clingy calls right when you did not want to take it. Of course, promoting your brand or company and getting new customers is always a major objective but why not do it more strategically in a professional way?

Yes, we are talking about Lead generation which lets you attract strangers who would show interest in your company services through job applications, online content, blog posts, events or mere coupons.

Lead Generation –What It Is

In order to develop the sales pipeline, Lead generation acts as a marketing process to stimulate and gain interest in any service or product of a company. Digital media is mostly used in this process, thanks to the rapid advancement and evolution of digital world. In recent times, with substantial changes in online marketing and availability of extensive information online had resulted in emergence of self-directed buyers and also increased need of qualifying potential leads. Now the question arises, who is the lead?

In general terms, a business lead is the customer showing interest in the company service or product some way or the other. The lead would only be communicated by the organization if he/she has opened the communication through any medium and hence, in this process there is no fraudulent or irritating commercial call out of the blue. The mode of communication from the lead can be variegated –mail, online survey, participation in any event, ordering something and so on. In Lead generating process, there is always room for integrating unique ways to attract customers automatically so that they opt for being communicated with the company and ultimately end up being a valued customer.

Importance of Lead Generation

The generation of Leads is part of inbound marketing method in converting the stranger audience to potential customer. Once the stranger is interested to the company image, they become visitors of the online site, thanks to the unique blogs with proper usage of keywords and strategic social publishing. Visitors are then converted to business leads through landing pages, user forms, call-to-action pages etc and thus they become close customers connected through CRM, emails etc. The customers become promoters of the business only when they find smart contents, social monitoring and take part in surveys.

Generation of Leads

Lead generation marketing depends primarily on marketing channels like blog, social media, website etc from where the visitor finds the message, image or button that work as CTA or call-to-action. Now, the more interesting and informative the landing page (offers, templates, services and some product description should be included) is, more convinced the visitor is to share personal information through filling up forms for gaining full access. There are various practices for Lead Generation –

1. B2B Generation Of Lead

Although the effectiveness of B2B Lead Generation varies from channel to channel, there are particular approaches for generating leads. While Email marketing helps in marketing automation through CRM connection, Search Marketing with proper SEO usage will help you gain higher rank on search engines like Google. B2B also relies on Content Marketing through e-Newsletters, website articles, illustrations, videos, infographics, webcasts and mor

2. Through LinkedIn, Facebook And Twitter

LinkedIn has the Lead Gen Forms for auto-populating with user profile data while clicking any CTA. Apart from outbound links shared by a profile, Facebook’s Ad feature paved way for Lead Ads for paid advertising. With Twitter’s Lead Gen Card, you can directly generate Leads within any tweet and let the visitor “Submit” name, Twitter username and email ID.

3. Pay-Per-Click Lead Generation

On various SERPs or Search Engine (Google, Bing etc) Result Pages, ad campaigns are very common as a medium of generating PPC although the effectiveness is dependent on user traffic, target keywords, budget etc.

In order to create a successful Lead generation strategy, at Predictable Marketing, the team chooses the proper generation tools including software, CTA templates Form-scraping tool etc. The team makes sure that the customers are interested by exciting offers with CTA options that lead to responsive landing page.

The trends of generation of leads are subject to change with the introduction of new strategies, different layouts and advertisements. While being active on social media and mailing system, Predictable Marketing keeps abreast of users’ needs to evolve accordingly.

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