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B2B Marketing Strategy and Campaign Implementation

B2B marketing is complex as your marketing strategy should be devised keeping in mind different buyer personas who often occupy senior positions within your target companies. The most important marketing asset in b2b marketing is content - blogs, whitepapers, factsheets, software demos, infographics when delivered to the right audience at the right time via the right marketing channel will move b2b buyers down the sales/marketing funnel

Predictable marketing specialises in b2b marketing and has delivered successful b2b marketing campaigns delivered qualified leads consistently to meet sales objectives. .

What are the most effective B2B Marketing Strategies?

We help meet your sales objectives by implementing marketing campaigns across various marketing channels

Intelligent automation, including AI and RPA market, has exploded in the last few years as most businesses see the two technologies as critical to their digital transformation success. What does that mean to you as a supplier of these technologies?

It means to have an opportunity to help your existing customer benefit from the BPM, AI & RPA technology platforms.

It is also an opportunity for you to grow your business by acquiring new customers, who are embarking on their digital transformation journey. Intelligent automation solutions are a combination of BPM technologies such as Kofax, Appian, Bizagi, IBM and others, along with RPA and AI.

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How to acquire customers for AI and RPA?

What marketing strategy is best suited for AI and RPA market?

Predictable Marketing has worked various solution providers who have developed automation solutions based on various AI and RPA platforms – Blue Prism, UiPath, Kofax RPA, Automation Anywhere, NICE, Pega or even custom solutions to serve a specific use case. We understand that you are good at the technology and hence we take the pain of marketing these solutions away from you.

How can we help you take Intellegent Automation solutions (AI/RPA/BPM) to market?

We can help

  • Develop the personas you would like to target – We help identify the ideal customer based on your solution strengths and experience.
  • Go-to-market campaign planning – We act as your extended marketing arm to reach to your customers with messaging that resonates with their pain-points and through channels they prefer. Our campaigns are focused on demand generation and are led by objectives agreed with you.
  • Implementation – Your campaign may spread across various marketing channels – web, social, pr, events, telemarketing, email marketing and more. It’s impossible to have every marketing specialists in-house, hence AI & RPA vendors depend on us to deliver campaigns using our specialists for each media. This model of AI marketing as service helps keep your cost of marketing down, while giving you the flexibility of scaling up or down your marketing efforts in line with your sales pipelines.
  • Campaign Monitoring and Reporting – We provide complete visibility of your campaigns and how they are performing against your goals. This helps keep marketing and sales efforts on track and ensure a positive return on marketing investment.