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Yes, content is king but a king without a plan cannot have a lasting impact. Content is important to attract, engage and convert prospects to customers. Hence, we help create content for different prospect personas while keeping the purpose of the content in mind. For example, if the main purpose of your website content is to drive more traffic, we will create SEO optimised content based on the keywords you are targeting. We also take time to research and understand your audience so they relate to the content we create, improving the impact of content marketing.

We can further help define your content strategy by creating various forms of content from web pages to case studies.

Content Marketing as a service

Create content to attract, engage and convert your prospects to customers

Finding the right content writer who understands your audience, your style of writing and is cost-effective is difficult. Our content is written by ex-journalists who also understand B2B content marketing. This means your content is well written and you have to spend less time briefing us.

How many times have you felt like you could have written content quicker yourself? We know the feeling and follow a tight briefing and review process to ensure you get the content you need in time to meet that deadline for your website or press release.

How many times have you felt like you could have written content quicker yourself?

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At Predictable Marketing we always start with the customer first, even while designing your content strategy. What are the challenges your customer is facing? How are they searching for a solution? What words and terminology do they use? Where do they start their search for a solution? If you could answer some of those questions you are well placed to define a B2B content marketing strategy. If you are not sure, we have a framework that helps tease out answers to these questions.

Content Marketing for each stage of the marketing process

Creating various forms of content

  • Web Content – Solution/services or support pages between 500-700 words.
  • Landing page content –300-500 words, form content and compelling call to actions.
  • Video Content – Video stands out amongst the flood of content and we can help create video blogs, animated videos, demo recordings and voice over.
  • Whitepaper and Thought Leadership Content – We do the research, structure and write the content and provide a pdf design file for a web or print distribution ready marketing content asset.
  • Case Study Content –We use a standard template to collect information from a client interview, create the content and produce a web and print ready pdf.
  • Blogs/Long form Content –Keep your website updated with latest in the industry, interesting blogs. We can create 1000+ words content to maintain your web authority. Long form content is one of the most underutilised but most effective techniques for SEO strategy.
  • Social Media Content –We can help create blogs and posts in line with latest trends and character allowance on various social platforms.