Content Strategy and Copywriting

Content is still king and will always be!

Your content strategy decided whether your website will be found or be lost in google’s database.

You know your business best and first instinct while creating content is to say how good you are and why people should choose you.

But is that what your customer wants to hear? Is your customer searching for your strengths? The answer is no.

Your customer is searching for an answer to their problems which lies in your strengths. Your content

  • Firstly ensures you are found as an answer to your customers problem
  • and then build customer confidence so they consider you to help resolve their problem.

There is a huge responsibility on the content’s shoulder to convince that you understand their problem inside out and have the capability to resolve it or in to convert a visitor to a lead.

Content that converts

At Predictable Marketing we create content aligned to your customer’s buying journey:

  • Creates awareness
  • Develops interest
  • Offers a solution
  • and builds credibility.

Start your copywriting project here

We need some inputs from you to get started and create content for your website.

Understanding of your customer journey

Understanding your strengths

Description of your solution and service

and guideline from your marketing team or external agency for creating search engine friendly copy.

We can usually turn around a page between 300-400 words in 4 hours.

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Whether you are developing a complete marketing strategy, a specific campaign to increase sales of a particular product or service or just need a helping hand in finishing a challenging project. Predictable Marketing will be happy to help.