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Webinar and Event Management

Planning and implementing events is a huge task - agreeing event objectives, creating target lists of prospects, invitations, reminders, delivery of the event presentation, managing food, speaker management, event logistics and post-event follow-ups - it is a lot for any marketing function to accomplish. Webinar marketing is equally difficult: managing invites, ensuring attendance, making the presentation interactive and follow-ups.

Predictable Marketing can manage the whole process for you and hand hold your sales team from preparation to facilitating conversations with customers. We can ensure your event or webinar is a success by creating an audience of qualified prospects.

Webinar Marketing as a Service

Make your webinar or event a success

We are not a big event company, instead we offer cutsomised webinar and event marketing for your business. We understand your sales objectives and create an event marketing campaign to meet that objective.

Starting from building a list of prospects, reaching out with invites, creating registration pages, social and web promotions, creating presentations and training sales team in delivery (both for events and webinars), managing the event logistics (online in case of webinars) and post event follow-ups and survey - We act as your outsourced event management function.

Ready to take customer engagement to the next level?

How to get best return from your webinar/event investment?

Value your prospects time and ensure they find the experience valuable and enjoyable

There are two type of events: to launch new products or awareness OR to build credibility and encourage conversions. We specialise in small format events where you can focus and interact with each potential customer individually. There is is no limit to audience in webinar marketing but we work extra hard to ensure the webinar is not a monologue using various interactive features to increase customer engagement.

Ensuring qualified leads from event/webinar marketing

Steps we take

  • Understand your Objectives – Whether it is launching a new product, increasing brand awareness or bringing prospects one step closer to sales; We start from understanding your end goal or expected result.
  • Create and engage your prospect list –Using Email marketing, social media, PR and Paid media promotions we invite your target prospects to the webinar/event.
  • Training the sales Team– We can create interactive presentations and content for the sales team to deliver. We also offer training for presenters if required.
  • Webinar Management and event logistics – We manage all behind the scene technology and recording of the webinar/event so you can maximise the time you get with your prospects.
  • Event follow-up and surveys – Convert event attendees to customers by follow-ups with phone, email and feedback surveys.