Inbound Marketing Automation

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Create your lead magnet

Inbound demand generation

From creating buyer personas, to creating and automating lead generation and lead nurturing workflows - we specialise in implementing inbound marketing strategies. Irrespective of the marketing automation platform you use, we can create the content pillar pages and sub topics to attract your customers. We can also design workflows to nurture your customers with valuable content until they are ready to buy.

Our team is HubSpot Inbound Marketing certified but we have most commonly used platforms such Marketo, Eloqua, Pardot and even some homegrown marketing software. With our background in technology, we can implement inbound marketing strategies using any platform.

Delivering Inbound leads to your salesforce

Make sure you get best returns from your marketing technology investement

Inbound Marketing has never been so important. As media consumption behaviours change nobody likes to be sold to. Especially in this information era where too much choice and knowledge is available, your customers want to make their own decision to choose a solution. All you can do is help your customer through awareness, research, purchase, post-purchase and repurchase. That's exactly what Inbound marketing achieves for you.

Especially in the post GDPR world, regulations have made it hard for you to reach out to your customers, instead, you would want your customers to come to you.

Underutilised inbound marketing automation platform?

Inbound Marketing delivers qualified leads, repeatedly

It's the strategy and consistent effort that defines success of an Inbound marketing strategy

Creating an inbound marketing engine is a strategic process that starts with drawing out various buyers personas journey. Marketing automation makes it possible to measure and analyse the impact of each inbound marketing activity so you can achieve the best returns on your investment. It is not an exact science but results in terms of leads and potential revenue can be attributed to different marketing campaigns.

Creating Inbound Customer Journeys

Using Marketing Automation

  • Decide the objectives of the campaign– We discuss your sales objectives and work backwards how many inbound leads you would need to generate
  • Create the Pillar content, Sub Topics and blogs – This approach helps your SEO rankings and engages customers at an interest stage.
  • Conversion rate optimisation – A/B testing and HotSpot tracking are some methodologies we use to ensure conversion rates from visitors to leads are optimised.
  • Measuring effectiveness and analysis –We strategise, launch campaigns, collect data, analyse, relearn and adjust campaigns to perform better.
  • Social media marketing and Online PR –Your web presence is not just limited to your website. Attract prospects from other authority websites and social media.
  • Create automated nurture workflow sequences –Target audience is quite narrow for technology businesses and hence it's important to nurture the leads you generate till they are ready to buy.