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Search Engine Marketing (SEO)

93% of all web traffic comes through search engines and over 6 billion Google searches are performed every day. Search engine marketing ensures that your future customers can find and interact with you when they are searching for a solution that you offer.

Google Ads and paid media are very helpful in the collection of data and analysing what search terms are relevant and most used by your prospects. We use this data to optimise the website content for key search terms. Content is still king and we include content creation as a part of all our search engine marketing packages. There is no one size fits all for Search Engine Marketing and that's why search marketing tools cannot replace the service provided by search specialists.

How to build a successful Search Engine Marketing Strategy?

Research, Analysis, Strategy and Implementation of Organic and Paid Search Media

There is no shortcut here. Our team of search specialists work like scientists just using excel sheets and pivot tables instead of funnels and beakers. Creating a robust Search Engine Marketing strategy that delivers results requires data collection, analysis, rigour and routine for implementation.

The implementation of a Search Engine marketing campaign includes SEO, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Paid Media and Technical SEO skills. The mix of skills required to deliver a successful search marketing campaign is varied and the volume of work is high. It is a strain on internal resources who should invest their time in creating an overall marketing strategy for the business and hence the business case for outsourcing Search Engine Marketing is straight forward.

Search Engine Marketing - Guaranteed Results

Why choose Predictable Marketing as your Search Engine Marketing Partner?

We understand if you have worked with SEO agencies in the past and felt you were paying them a monthly fee for nothing. We have been on the other side and hence work in a very transparent way and guarantee incremental results every month. Some of things assured with us include:

Extensive keyword and Competitive Research

We understand your business, your competition, your customer expectations, industry trends and carry out extensive keyword research before implementing optimisation strategies.

All search marketing skills in one place

From technical SEO, HTML, on-page optimisation, content creation, content optimisation, off-page, social media, authority link building, guest blogging and Google ads account management - we have a specialist for everything in our team. When it comes to Search Engine Marketing whether it's paid or organic search, we have got you covered.

Competitive pricing and quick results

All services are packed in a monthly fixed fee without any surprises. We agree the focus and objectives each month and track your success against the objectives such as increase in web traffic or improvement in page ranks. Based on our research we can provide an accurate timeline of when you can expect to achieve the targets we set for Search Engine Marketing.

Transparency of tasks

We are completely transparent in our work and reporting and always open to a phone call or email to discuss your project.