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    Are webinars part of your content strategy?

    December 5, 2018

December 5, 2018

Are webinars part of your content strategy?

Webinar Live audienceWebinars are powerful, versatile marketing tools as they can help engage customers at various stages of their buying cycle. These inexpensive tools can not only attract and engage your customers but also help in building your credentials and convert to sales. They don’t stop giving even after they are finished recorded webinars are a great marketing and sales asset that can be used repeatedly.

Here’s why I appreciate webinars as an amazing marketing tool –

1. Expand your reach

I hosted a webinar recently which was attended by over 145 interested prospects. Yes, the title and webinar content had a lot to do with that but I wasn’t giving away free prizes to false attract people. I find it is the easiest marketing channel to communicate your message to many people at the same time.

2. It’s convenient for your customers

It’s December cold, windy and wet. Your prospects would appreciate the convenience of listening to your message in the comfort of their office or home. They can also re-look at the webinar recording when they have the time and focus for it. There is a disadvantage here too – sometimes too convenient means forgotten, till the time you keep reminding them of the time to attend and the value it brings to them, you should be OK.

3. Webinar links are shared

If I like what I see and hear I will share it with a colleague and that’s what 90% of us do. So what better way of spreading the word!

4. It’s not a monologue – get your prospects to participate

Yes webinars are no longer boring monologues! In the last few webinars I have hosted we have done some fun doodling exercises, conducted surveys and even conducted a panel interview. Don’t underestimate the power of webinar technology these days with tools like On24, Zoom and others like that, you can keep your attendees hooked.

4. You can monetise webinars

Most businesses use webinars as a free marketing to create brand awareness. But webinars can be used successfully further in the buying cycle for demonstrating proof of concepts or providing user interface training with a chargeable fee.

Webinar’s truly work for creating awareness, showcasing your product/service, building credibility and helping with conversions. Not many marketing assets can do that. If you have read this far, you are probably thinking of your next webinar but a word of caution – even in webinars – content is king – think about what the goals of the webinar are, what is the value in use for your customer and plan your execution well. To top it all – two or three different voices presenting always helps keep your audience engaged.

Let me know how your Webinar goes.